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2023-2024 Rule Books

By becoming a member of the IEL and participating in IEL horse shows it is your responsibility to know the rule books and be familiar with the rules of your division.  Please read the rule book that pertains to the discipline you will be riding in, before signing any membership forms.  Reading the rule book will also allow a better understanding of how the IEL runs its horse shows and organization.


General Rule Book

          Show Registration and Fees
          Show Grounds
          Ribbons, Trophies, and Points
          Reporting Problems/Discrepancies/Complaints
          Senior Scholarships

Hunter/Equitation Rule Book

          General (Helmets, Tack, Horse Sharing, etc.)
          Section Specifics (Class/course specifications, schooling horses, etc.)

Jumper Rule Book

         General (Helmets, Tack, Group Sign-Up, etc.)
         Section Specifics (Class/course specifications, sideline coaching, etc.)

Dressage Rule Book

         General (Tack, Bits, Tests Offered, etc.)


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