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And now a word from our sponsors.....

You may not think the IEL needs sponsorships or donations. In fact, you probably have just written checks for membership and show fees and are now saying to yourself “Oh no, do not go there…” But go there we must. We are asking every rider, family and/or team to please consider a donation or sponsorship. We understand that not everyone can give a lot, however, every little bit helps. Our goal is 100% participation, and this is why.

The IEL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose main source of funding comes from membership and entry fees. We are committed to providing the best possible horse show experience we can, while still keeping the costs as low as possible, and yes, we know all too well this is an expensive sport. We want our riders to earn scholastic recognition for all their hard work. We want them to further their knowledge of horsemanship, not just add to a collection of ribbons and awards, and we want everyone, even parents, to have fun cheering for their school team members and socializing with friends. We want this organization to prosper, be a well recognized and respected entity in the equestrian community, and be better organized and managed in order to provide the membership with many more valuable benefits. Last, but certainly not least, we want to continue offering our traditional complimentary Sunday morning breakfast.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support

As a reward, we offer some great benefits including early signup of riders at all the shows! 

Check out all the benefits here!

To sponsor an arena or division, Click Here to Donate.

The following list provides examples of several of the areas in which the IEL incurs expenses each year that may not be readily obvious to you.

  • Additional show rings, jumps and show staff in order to offer a wider variety of classes
  • Ribbons
  • Website, newsletter and show software maintenance
  • Senior scholarships and community service projects
  • Professional fees including accounting, tax, and legal services
  • Year end banquet and awards
  • Horse show hospitality
  • Rising insurance costs
  • General program administration

By now, I hope you have read all of the information and are interested in visiting the IEL Store to play your part. If you scroll down to the middle of the IEL Store page you will see the sponsorship section. We have made “giving” easy and hopefully a little more gratifying. Whether you want to sponsor a specific class, or an entire division you can. If you want to treat everyone to a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, the opportunity is there, and you will get a lot of recognition. The IEL will offer prominent visibility opportunities to recognize the support and generosity of its sponsors! So please, consider the giving options. You can contribute as individuals, families, schools or barns.

If everyone gives a little, it would add up to a lot!!

The Board of Directors wises to express its sincerest thanks and gratitude to all of the individuals, families and businesses who have so graciously and generously made donations to the IEL for the 2018-2019 season. The Board of Directors extends a special thanks to the following sponsors for the 2018-2019 season, including our League sponsors, and the sponsors of various Divisions, Classes, and Trophies, etc.

List of 2023-2024 IEL Sponsors

Gold League Sponsors
Donation of $2,000 or more




Arena Sponsors

Donation of $600 - $750


Supporter Sponsors
Donation of $500

Division Sponsors
Donation of $250


Friends of the I.E.L.


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