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Returning Members!

Your dues must be paid, your account updated, and your forms submitted by October 10th or a $25 late fee will be assessed.

Just a few easy steps to renew your membership.


Needed info:

a.  School must complete their membership

b.  Name on School Rep Form (school rep must complete - Item #9 below)

c.  Name on Trainer Form (Submitted by trainer - Item #7 below

d.  On line membership updated and paid (Item #1 and 5)

e.  Rider waiver signed (Item #8)

1.  Login to your account.

2.  Click on the rider's name in the upper left hand corner. 

3.  Click the "EDIT" button. 

4.  If your school or trainer are NOT on the list, then stop right now.  We must have a school membership completed before the school name appears on the pulldown list.  Please contact your school rep to determine the status of the school's registration process.  The same goes with the trainer.  If your trainer is not on the list, then see Item #7 below.  We must have a trainer form before the trainer's name is added to the pulldown list.  If you randomly choose a school or trainer who is not yours but is on the list just to get done, then you will be punished.  Your rider points will go to the wrong school and your rider must change trainers to the one you selected.  Your other choice is to pay IEL another $10 fee and beg and plead with our over-worked show secretary to change it.  You have done the registration process before and know better.  I'll probably charge you $30 to fix it.

Change any other pertinant information such as new trainer, new address, phone number, or email address.  Also, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions and also confirm that you have read the new refund policy.  If you are wondering why your account is not activated, you can see on this page.  Look in the box I have highlighted in blue, and you can tell what info is still missing.  Please don't call me and ask me what info is still missing.

Don't  forget to save your changes!

5.  Pay your membership.

6.  If you are adding a second rider to your account, just email me the necessary information (  I will add it.

7.  Then, we need is a form from your trainer with the your rider's name on it.  The form is also found on our "Forms/Waivers" page.  This must be printed, signed, scanned and emailed back to me.  One form per trainer, please. 

8.  Next you will need to sign your waivers.  The waivers can be found  under "Registration."  There is a menu item  called "Forms/Waivers."  Click that.  Then you can either click the link to sign your rider waiver online (PREFERRED) or do it the old fashioned way with a PDF which you must print, sign, scan as a PDF, and email make to me. If you want to do electronic waivers, click here

9.   Your school rep must also submit a form with your rider's name on it stating that you are a member of the school's team.

We must have these forms on file before you account can be activated.

Do not mail them!  We aren't accepting hard copies sent to the post office box.


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