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How To Use Money on Account

Since it costs IEL money to issue refunds, IEL would like you to apply money you have on account to your unpaid invoices.  To do this, please follow the following instructions. 

1.  Register for your show fees (formerly known as the deposit), like you normally do.

2.  Instead of clicking the “Pay Online” button, please click the button called “Invoice Me.”

3.  Register for your classes by returning to the home screen.  To do that, click the “Home” button in the upper left hand corner.

4.  Register for your classes like you normally do.

5.  Once you have registered for classes, click on the “Invoice Me” button again.  This will total all of your invoices.

6.  On the bottom right hand corner is a blue button that says “Balance.”  Click that. This will apply your credit to your account.

7.  Then, a page will appear where you can pay your balance.  You can finally click the button that says “Pay Online.”

Please contact the Show Secretary if you have any questions or need any help.

Whatever you do, please don’t pay the invoice.  I am working very hard to keep our expenses low so that we don’t have to increase our prices for next year.  You can help me out by not making us refund money.

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